[Libreoffice] Memory tweaking Graphics Cache tot avoid crash after deleting a graphic

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Wed Jan 11 07:37:34 PST 2012

Fernand Vanrie wrote:
> Can a developer  explain how the Memory tweaking for the Graphics
> Cache is working.
Erm - well, I can tell you how it's _supposed_ to work at least. ;)

> whats the meaning of "Use for LO" (who is max 256 MB)
entire size of in-memory cached graphics.

> whats the meaning of "Memory per Object" (who is also max 256 MB)
graphics that are bigger than this number are not cached in-memory.

> I found that LO 3.4 can crash after deleting a Graphic in a document
> who contains  many or  a few Big pictures.
> We  replace LowResolution Graphics with HighResolutions just before
> final printing . When the document is Loaded with HighResolution
> graphics, then LO "can" crash when deleting a Graphic.
> This do not happens with OO 3.3 !
> I supose it happens when i delete a graphic on a page where the size
> of the graphic if bigger than the setting of the "Memory per Object"
> in the UI Graphic Cache settings.
> PLaying with the Cache size and the size per Object can avoid the
> crash, but there is no clear line why and when it happens.
Can you somehow get debug symbols for your installation & get us a
backtrace of such a crash?

With that, please file a bug.


-- Thorsten
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