[Libreoffice] minutes of ESC call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Thu Jan 12 08:23:28 PST 2012

* Present:
	+ Lionel, Tor, Michael, Eike, Norbert, Stephan,
	  David, Fridrich, Rainer, Christian, Petr, Andras,
	  Kohei, Thorsten, Mitch

* Completed Action Items
	+ add postgresql to 3.5 feature page (Lionel)
	+ make it clear the SAL_INFO etc. macros are internal only for 3.5 (Stephan)
	+ checking pg baseline on windows (Fridrich)
	+ FOSDEM: add <slot to be filed> talk (Stephan)
	+ FOSDEM: add Internal structure of calc talk (Eike)
	+ FOSDEM: add easy hacks talk (Michael)
	+ poke fdo bugzilla hero Tollef wrt. performance (Michael)
		+ major hardware upgrade planned soon.
	+ cleanup old test build server directories (Thorsten)
	+ WONTFIX fdo#... in pleasant way (Thorsten)
	+ qa list incomplete, or updating slowly on gmane, poke Florian (Thorsten)
		+ unknown transient issue apparently gone.
	+ qa heros issues (Michael)
		+ needs a new bugzilla extension, wait a bit.

* Pending Action Items
	+ add tinderbox name to build-id (Norbert)
	+ [slow progress] extract 64bit build hardware from firewall (Kendy / Admins)
	+ get a permanant re-direction link for bug assistent (Thorsten)
		+ hack up the Help->File bug menu item (Thorsten)
	+ rename VCL API to make it GetBeamerFoo & fix (Michael)
	+ include slowchecks into tail_build's Makefile (Markus?)

* Action Items review

* Release Engineering update (Petr)
	+ 3.4.5 status
		+ bit delayed by Christmas catchup
		+ blocker proposed, investigated but not a regression
		+ scheduled to be announced shortly, pending marketing input
	+ 3.5.0 status
		+ pre-release Beta 3 builds up-loaded
			+ blocked by getting 3.4.5 out first
			+ hope to have it out by Saturday

******** Hard English string & UI freeze - in effect now ********

		+ After Monday/Tuesday's RC1 tag need a 2nd review

******** From Monday 16th - one extra pair of eyes needed per commit ********

		+ the future:
			+ 2x extra patch reviewers starts at RC2
			+ 3x extra patch reviewers starts at RC3
		+ lots of bugs being fixed - please continue !

* Mechanism for asking Translators permission for string freeze breakage ?
	+ how many translators to ask (Andras?)
	+ previous rule was bug fixes that required them were ok
	+ rule: if the bug is more serious than a broken translation ? (Petr)
	+ potentially in point-zero releases less serious (Petr?)
	+ Decided - ask: l10n at global.libreoffice.org for approval in future

* QA update (Rainer)
	+ Windows 8 problem
		+ running under Virtualbox, can be reproduced
	+ Bugzilla updates sorted out with Thorsten
	+ status of permanent re-direction link for assistant ?
		+ admins need to be told what link they want
		+ create link in a couple of minutes,
		  ver+os+ as parameters to allow re-direction of
		  old versions.
AA:		+ create http://hub.libreoffice.org/file-a-bug/ (Christian)
	+ unreviewed bugs
		+ stopped the trend of unchecked bugs increasing
		+ lots of bug-fixes coming in
		+ very good situation

* ICU size shrink - save 4Mb ... (Eike)
	+ great, but prolly not ready for 3.5.0

* Mitch / MSI building update
	+ vacation since the last meeting
	+ pushed-back by another high-prio project
	+ two week delay expected

* FOSDEM dev-room schedule
	+ tons of talks, not much time - maximum time slot 30mins
	+ program still under discussion, for publication decision soon.

* all bugs created by LibO considered invalid by MS Office
	+ we do the right thing: putting 1.2 in the manifest version (Thorsten)
		+ recent bug-fix in a 3.4 CWS
	+ ODF 1.2 makes the version mandatory, and must have value=1.2
	+ if it is seen, MS Office will claim it is invalid.
	+ it's not possible for us to write valid ODF 1.2 docs about
	  which MS Office doesn't complain
		+ MS Office offers to 'repair' & import it
			+ that looks scary.
		+ it's not our bug
	+ Need to release-note this:
		+ avoid recommending the legacy 1.1 format due to
		  data loss concerns

* 3.5 most annoying bugs ...
	+ 23 open (of 71 total)
	+ https://bugs.freedesktop.org/showdependencytree.cgi?id=37361&hide_resolved=1

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