[Libreoffice] fdo 44516 label printing misplaced; advise asked

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Fri Jan 13 04:56:04 PST 2012

>> 	Another thing that interests me is that parsing the configuration,
>> despite all Stephan's good work in configmgr to speed it up, still takes
>> real time and space: say 4% of our startup and a chunk of RAM. If we
>> look at the sizes of our config using a simple:

As the contents of Labels.xcu are only used when starting the label wizard or business card wizard, woul dit be better if this file is read when starting the wizard, and not when starting LibreOffice? Can't this file be included in the installation as Labels.xcu? It will not be the only .xcu file in the share directory, it will save startup time (except when starting the wizard, of course) and build time.
(BTW: I reckon this will beyond my capabilities)


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