[Libreoffice] There is no round() in msvc library (fdo#44173)

Tim Hardeck thardeck at suse.de
Sun Jan 15 10:04:38 PST 2012

Hi Korrawit,

thanks for testing and your hints how to address the problem.

The reason why I was using round was to reduce the difference between the positions while scrolling in one direction and then back. With round it takes more steps to reach a position where they will differ slightly.
Since this is not a big problem round could be removed. To my knowledge the type conversion does already act like floor() so a simple removal should be enough.

But if ::boost::math::iround will be used in other places or if there is already another usable round function - what does Calc use? - I would replace the function with the os independent counter part.


On Sunday 15 January 2012 16:03:33 Korrawit Pruegsanusak wrote:
> Hello Tim, all,
> Your patch addressing fdo#44173 regarding zoom level [1] cause the
> windows msvc tinderbox failure.
> [1] http://cgit.freedesktop.org/libreoffice/core/commit/?id=022ce7d362f146ed69f54aae20cf2b8c582e9f8d
> Actually, the one to blame is the msvc library, because it doesn't
> have round() function.
> And I have two methods to resolve this:
> 1. Use ::boost::math::iround. (patch attached)
> This solution comes from http://stackoverflow.com/a/5849630
> This has advantage that it won't fail in any platform, I hope ;-), and
> it's really "round" the value.
> But as the round.hpp header isn't delivered yet, we have to modify
> some boost makefile, then we have to:
>     A. Clean boost (rm -rf $INPATH), then rebuild it. I've tried
> incremental `build && deliver` but it didn't help.
>     But this led to almost all rebuild in tail_build, IMHO because it
> triggered the dependency tree, ie boost header is just delivered =>
> rebuild all files which include the boost! I don't think anyone
> (except tinderbox) love this. :-)
>     OR B. Change the added line into real command (variables
> substitution) and run it, then `deliver`. Such as:
>          @$(GNUCOPY) -r $(PACKAGE_DIR)$/$(TARFILE_NAME)$/boost$/format
>     I run it as:
>          ./libo/boost/wntmsci12.pro/ $ cp -r
> ./misc/build/boost_1_44_0/boost/format ./inc/boost
>     etc. This wouldn't trigger the dependency tree to rebuild. It just
> delivered only new files.
>     Note: I don't know why we have to "normalize" and deliver just
> only some part of boost library. Because the rest is unused? This
> cause the problem when we want to use more library than the delivered
> ones, as in this case. ;-)
> Since I discovered the (B.) too late, so I'm in the middle of ~clean
> tail_build, but a build passed the modified files well ...
> 2. Instead of round(), take it as ceil() or floor(). This has
> advantage that you don't need to rebuild. But it won't really
> "round()".
> Anyway, I don't think it will cause much difference, except in a very
> large/small number.
> Or will we use floor(x+0.5); ? This behaves like round() only for
> positive numbers, which we don't have negative zoom factor anyway. :-)
> I don't test this method yet, and I don't know whether we have to
> #include <math.h> or something. But the linux/mac build passed well
> (in tinderbox), so maybe we don't need including?
> Please feel free to comment or correct me if I'm wrong :-)
> Best Regards,

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