[Libreoffice] ooo_custom_images to icon-themes, was: Re: Do we support classic and industrial theme?

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Mon Jan 16 02:55:52 PST 2012

On 16/01/12 10:17, Michael Meeks wrote:
> On Sun, 2012-01-15 at 13:04 +0100, Stefan Knorr (Astron) wrote:
>> Finally done that, it was easier than I thought, too. Just had to
>> change another help makefile ... actually reading make's error
>> messages does help.
> 	Lovely :-) - strangely I still have an ooo_custom_images directory
> locally. I think Noel's revert might have re-created that - any ideas ?
hmm I didn't realise things changed here :-/ where should images 
formally in custom_images live now ? looks like custom_images/*/*  => 
icon_images/*/* is that right ?  i just need to move the files there ?


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