[Libreoffice] rounding problem with twips in writer

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Tue Jan 17 04:03:49 PST 2012

>> This is caused by MM100 to TWIP conversion. An A4 page is 210mm,
>> 11906twip. The calculated document width is 210mm, 11907twip.
>Do you know where the code is that calculates 11907 as the result ?

No. I know that:
 -a macro (MM100_TO_TWIP) is used.
 -the paper width is calculated from (leftMargin * 2 + (columns-1)*labelPitch + labelWidth (core/sw/source/ui/app/applab.cxx) and each has converted form MM100 to TWIP before that. The problem is not here, because when I apply bugfix 44516 (which I have not yet submitted), the paper width is taken from the label definition and amounts to 11906twip.
 -when creating the new document, somewhere the document takes shape and the label definition is used to locate the labels on the paper.

>Otherwise would PaperInfo::doSloppyFit be of any use to you here ?, can
>opengrok for usages, snaps paper sizes that are within a tiny distance
>of a known paper size to that paper size
PaperInfo::doSloppy could be a great help indeed, although the paper format is not the problem (it is correct), but the contents of the created document are one twip wider than the paper.
If it were only a couple of label definitons with this problem, I would have reduced the label width with one MM100 and the problem would be solved. Unfortanely, I count 522 -potential- problems (I only checked 3, all problem).


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