[Libreoffice] Changes in tools causes build failure on Ubuntu Oneiric

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 02:02:51 PST 2012

Le 20/01/12 10:57, Michael Meeks a écrit :

Hi Michael,

> 	If you read git log; you'll see that the change to sal and the change
> to tools happened at the same time. So it's rather unclear how that can
> be.
> 	Are you building from the top-level with a 'make' ? can you confirm
> that sal/inc/sal/file.hxx contains the definition of that method ?
> re-running 'make' in sal may fix it.

I'll check. I made clean, repulled and restarted the build again this
morning, but it takes quite a long time (single core, 7 year old machine
with limited RAM and disk space), so I'll have a look to see where its
got to around lunchtime (as I'm not in front of it at the mo).

> 	Of course - if you copied a suggested "just set various headers mtime
> backwards in time to improve build efficiency" tip from IRC you may be
> suffering a side-effect of that ;-)

Oooh sounds like dark magic to me, nah, wouldn't go there :-))


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