[Libreoffice] Compliments of the season to you/family!

Christo Lars christo_lars at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 23 02:08:26 PST 2012

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Compliments of the season to you/family!

Please bear this unexpected contact with me, I need your help to take care of a very urgent personal matter on my behalf, and will appreciate if you can give me an opportunity to discuss that with you.

I will just give my name as Christo Lars for now, I am a  staff of Canadian private security company stationed in Iraq,  I will tell you more when I consider it safe to disclose my identity and other information.You may be aware of the final withdrawal of remaining US troops on the 18 Th december which has prompted me to make this sudden contact.

The referenced matter will provide me and you an opportunity of having access to about US$ 21.7 M in just a couple of days, with little or no risks or any form of trouble/scandals either now or in future, as long as we adhere to an already projected plan.

I will send necessary details when I receive your response with some assurances that you will protect my identity and would be honest with me.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Best Wishes,

Kindly get back to me (
christolars000 at hotmail.com
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