[Libreoffice] More information in tinderbox failure mails.

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Wed Jan 25 03:57:03 PST 2012

adds more information to tinderbox failure mails, which should 
(hopefully) make it easier for people to understand what's going on:

* The name of the tinderbox and of the branch (i.e., MASTER or 
libreoffice-3-5) is included in the mail's subject.

* The name of the branch and the starttime token are included in the 
"Tinderbox info" block at the top of the mail's body.  The starttime 
token is the same one that is listed as "tinderbox: starttime" in the 
"Build Data" section of the build logs available at 
<http://tinderbox.libreoffice.org/>, and should help find the full build 
data corresponding to a failure mail.

It would be great if tinderbox owners could update to this revision.


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