[Libreoffice] correction: where can I find bug 24446?

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Thu Jan 26 04:33:42 PST 2012

Sorry, title should be where can I find bug 24446

Hello all,

I'm working on bug 44516 and try to address bug 35104 and 41755 simultaneously. That is, I want to solve the last two first.
The problem is that when using a label form with e.g. 3 labels of 70mm on an A4 sheet (210mm wide), the document is not created correctly (the labels do not fit on the page). The casue for this is twofold: rounding errors in converting MM100 to TWIPS (I can solve that) and fix 24466 (sw/source/ui/app/applab.cxx::301 -315). Commenting out the lines 301-315 makes the labels fit on the page, but I want to know what is/was bug 24446. It is not an fdo bug.
Can someone tell me weher to locate this bug, or still better, does anyone remember this bug and the patch :)) ?


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