[Libreoffice] PDF converter cross compilation general questions

Andrzej.Pacanowski at tieto.com Andrzej.Pacanowski at tieto.com
Thu Jan 26 06:01:55 PST 2012

Hi guys,

I've been investigating a possibility of LibreOffice cross-compilation for Linux X-less device(ARM) and use it as document(writer/calc/impress) to pdf converter.

1)      Is it possible to compile LO without any graphic library (pure -headless)? Or how much work would that require?

2)      Is it possible to eliminate all unnecessary libs and resources? They're using valuable device resources and may cause compilation problems. Anybody knows how small would it get with minimal subset of libs?

3)      Also I've found that in UNO docs:
"A long term target on the OpenOffice.org roadmap is to split the existing OpenOffice.org into small components which are combined to provide the complete OpenOffice.org functionality. [..]When this target will be reached, the API, the components and the fundamental concepts will provide a construction kit, which makes OpenOffice.org adaptable to a wide range of specialized solutions and not only an office suite with a predefined and static functionality. "
This sounds like what we need. Do you know how far it got yet?

4)      Are the libraries loaded on demand by soffice process or they need to be reachable at the start? If they would be demanded on load it would give us opportunity to remove unnecessary libs.

5)      If we're about hacking the build process to our needs (removing dependencies) where should we start?

Andrzej Pacanowski

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