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Jonathan Adams t12nslookup at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 08:14:57 PST 2012

beginning to get somewhere with GCC ... gonna update the list of changes so far:

file ./configure.in: (this one should be safe for all platforms)
grep -q => \$GREP -q

file ./solenv/inc/unitools.mk: (this one should be safe for all
platforms, since it only affects Solaris, and Solaris 10 has the file
in this location)

files ./python/makefile.mk ./libexttextcat/makefile.mk
./solenv/inc/tg_ext.mk: (only safe on Solaris)
"xargs -0" -> "/usr/gnu/bin/xargs -0"

files soltools/adjustvisibility/makefile.mk
soltools/mkdepend/makefile.mk soltools/util/makefile.pmk: (probably
not safe if SunStudio is the compiler ... )
remove Cstd lines

files ./inc/unxsogi.mk ./inc/unxgcc.mk ./inc/unxsogs.mk
unxsogi.pro/misc/make_makedepend.makedepend_1.cmd (unsure whether or
not this is safe)
remove xport-dynamic lines

file soltools/adjustvisibility/adjustvisibility.cxx (unsure if this
even works on anywhere but my system)
add "#include <cstring>"

I compile with explicit CC and CXX compilers:
./autogen.sh  CC=/usr/gcc/4.6/bin/gcc CXX=/usr/gcc/4.6/bin/g++
LD=/usr/gnu/bin/ld MAKE=/usr/bin/gmake \
--with-jdk-home=/usr/jdk/instances/jdk1.6.0 \
--disable-ccache \
--disable-epm \
--disable-mozilla \
--disable-neon \
--disable-odk \
--disable-opengl \
--disable-systray \
--with-alloc=system \
--with-fonts \
--without-stlport \

It's further than it has been up until this point, 1/4 of the way
around the nice animated status indicator ...


On 26 January 2012 11:11, Michael Meeks <michael.meeks at suse.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2012-01-26 at 11:21 +0100, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
>> On 01/26/2012 10:52 AM, Norbert Thiebaud wrote:
>> > humm... we don't need stlport these day... we only build it for
>> > external extensions that may still need it...
>        I forget when that happened, but you're really best off with the 3.5
> builds where stlport is certainly optional.
>> > but surely for OpenSolaris existing base of extension is probably
>> > not a critical issue....
>> ...and any existing C++ extensions for Solaris would not work, anyway,
>> as they are compiled against the Sun Studio ABI, not the GCC one.
>        Of course :-) but I've never seen a binary Solaris extension in the
> wild, so ... stlport is one to happily ignore.
>        HTH,
>                Michael.
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> michael.meeks at suse.com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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