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Keith McRae keithcoder at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 09:14:30 PST 2012

Given that these are almost exclusively called with <sal_uInt16>, I would
simply un-template'ize the functions, substituting sal_uInt16 for prefix.
> For instantiations with prefix != sal_uInt16, I count four uses of
> read_lenPrefixed_uInt8s_ToOString<sal_uInt8>, two of
> read_lenPrefixed_uInt8s_ToOUString<sal_uInt8>, and one use of
> read_lenPrefixed_uInt8s_ToOString<sal_uInt32>.  All of them are reads, for
> which the functions in question are rather trivial, anyway.  I would just
> explicitly outline them at the call sites (or, if there are multiple calls
> from a single .cxx, add a local helper function).

 Thanks for the suggestion Stephan, that's what I'll do. :-)
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