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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Thu Jan 26 09:30:06 PST 2012

* Present:
	+ Kendy, Norbert, Stephan, Thorsten, Mitch, Fridrich,
	  Andras, Markus, Petr, Caolan, David, Kohei, Eike,
	  Lionel, Rainer

* Completed Actions
	+ hack up the Help->File bug menu item (Ivan)
		+ reviewed & will be in 3.5.1
	+ poke website + marketing guys wrt. 3.5 (Michael)
		+ no apparent response

* Pending Action Items
	+ [slow progress] extract 64bit build hardware from firewall (Kendy / Admins)
	+ rename VCL API to make it GetBeamerFoo & fix (Michael)
	+ review slowcheck patch for tail_build's Makefile (Bjoern)

* Action Items review

* Release Engineering update (Petr)
	+ 3.5.0 status
		+ RC2 builds being up-loaded, for announce ~tomorrow
		+ deadline for RC3 is Monday ...
		+ commits to libreoffice-3-5-0 - needs +2 approvals
			+ libreoffice-3-5-0 turns into our ~final release.
	+ no real blockers.
	+ still plenty of annoying bugs
		+ need to release-note lots of them.
	+ but fixing rate is going well - thanks a lot !

* Indian localisation issuse / patch (Caolan)
	+ happy with the patches, Windows specific issue
	+ need another review for -3-5-0
	+ no underlying bug lurking here.
AA:	+ re-test under Windows and push to -3-5-0 (Andras)

* poor decision to publish tons of interfaces (Thorsten)
	+ publishing doesn't change much in practise (Stephan)
	+ if it's easy to unpublish it - do it (Caolan)
	+ for 4.0 we radically un-publish everything anyway
		+ see who screams, and re-publish bits.
	+ 'published' just used for documentation
AA:	+ do the easiest roll-back possible to cleanup the
	  canvas publishing issue in 3.5.0 (Thorsten)

* QA update (Rainer)
	+ 64bit Windows build / installer
		+ oddness in the 3.4.4 uninstaller, potentially
		  needs an update to 3.4.5 before 3.5.0 install
	+ most annoying bugs
		+ lots of nominations, without a dep. entry
		+ should people first discuss in comments and
		  then add ? or add it with a first comment of
		  the bug# ?
		+ just add it (Rainer, Lionel, Petr)
		+ the complete history is under the _history_ link
AA:		+ update docs / first comment for 3.6 tracker (Petr)
	+ regressions
		+ tried to find his favorite regressions, that make
		  many people suffer
			+ v. difficult, learned to live with them
			+ mailing list, grumbling but no help
		+ collecting a list of major regressions here:
			+ not many here; find more ...
		+ suspicion is that base has a lot
	+ link to all regressions:

* ODF 1.2 standards compatibility snafu
	+ TC discussion ongoing, no clear-cut view
	+ guess that things stay as present (Thorsten)

* unit test framework issues (Markus)
	+ we are missing an important feature
	+ cppunit development appears dead/stalled for 2+ yrs
		+ but we support system-cppunit
	+ can we not just declare ourselves the new up-stream
	  for cppunit (Lionel)
	+ requiring an internal cppunit not a big deal ? (Norbert)
		+ always internal one for dbgutil anyway (Markus)
	+ three options: (Stephan)
		1. always use internal / patched version
		2. there is a cppunit2 in Launchpad
			+ is it compatible ? or even more active ?
		3. re-evaluate whether we need cppunit, or something
		   else: google stuff eg. 'testing framework'
	+ looked into cppunit2 (Markus)
		+ stopped development at same time ~2009
		+ project dead too.
	+ prefer our own version, or switch to new framework
	  for integration tests (Markus)
AA:	+ create new cppunit repository at freedesktop (Michael)
AA:	+ import existing cppunit repo into it (Markus (with Kendy))
AA:	+ talk to Debian guys wrt. packaging etc. (Markus)

* update on final removal of Env.*.Set pending (Norbert)
	+ intention to remove the set_soenv.in perl script generation
	+ generate something can be included in a makefile rather than
	  sourced from a shell.
	+ last few days, got all the way to this point:
		+ built Linux, MinGW, MacOS & Windows
	+ user perspective, simplified re-building sub-modules
	+ easier 'make' commandlines
	+ ways to run common scripts with the environment
	+ http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/Build_in_3.6
	+ general cheers & approval.

* 'build', 'bootstrap' repository outcome (Michael Stahl)
	+ we're not using it anymore for 3.5 (Petr)
	+ RH, and Debian moving / migrating away.
AA:	+ branch libreoffice-3-5 or sim., and wipe master with a helpful link (Michael S)

* volunteers & tasks for mentoring Polish students (Michael)
	+ Fridrich and Lionel eager to mentor people.
AA:	+ get back to them with contacts (Michael)

* Certification - validating companies as L3 (Michael)
	+ generally very happy (Norbert)
		+ a membership requirement should not be required
	+ somewhat subjective (Caolan)
	+ potential guidelines for 'L3 developer':
		+ only deal with individuals
		+ two developers in a company
		+ bugzilla, wiki, IRC
		+ good developer history
		+ at least one easy hack each
		+ at least one more substantial bug
		  fix on each component:
			+ writer, calc, impress, base
		+ maintained activity over time to keep certification
		+ trustedby other developers
		+ one git commit account
	+ capacity to fix bugs is what we're looking for (Lionel)
		+ those are for L1, L2 support

* encouraging exotic filters update (Fridrich)
	+ lots of progress on formats & great work from Valek

* mailing list [LibreOffice] header issue
	+ out of time / next week ...

* 3.5 most annoying bugs ...
	+ 28 (of 93) open, last weeks: 21/76, 23/71
	+ https://bugs.freedesktop.org/showdependencytree.cgi?id=37361&hide_resolved=1

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