[Libreoffice] problems with encryption if thunderbird is installed

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 26 15:11:01 PST 2012


I have been debugging the problem Laurent mentioned lately that
opening a password encrypted library causes Libreoffice to need a lot
of cpu time even after loading finished.

During my investigation I now found two some interesting points:
- the bug does not happen if you don't have thunderbird installed
(maybe it is also necessary to have a profile)
- the problem is in
-- the loop is sleeping for 1 ms and therefore running a thousand
times per second without doing any real work because there are no

Since this also affects Loading of encrypted documents do we really
need to initialize mozilla there? It should work now also without
mozilla or am I missing something( see nssinitializer.cxx:197 ). If it
is still needed, can't we stop the Mozilla_UI_Thread after we opened
the encrypted document/library?
Another easy solution to improve the situation might be to increase
the timeout in MNSInit.cxx:235 from 1 to 10 or even 100, but I think
that is more a workaround than fixing the underlying problem.

Do we have someone who knows this code well enough to fix that for
3-5-0 or should we "fix" it there with the above mentioned workaround?

I think a solution would be really necessary since this loop needs
around 40% of one core on my fast development computer and Laurent
mentioned around 40% of his whole cpu time( so I suspect 80% of one
core for him )

I hope for some good ideas ;)


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