[Libreoffice] LibreOffice / openIndiana ...

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Thu Jan 26 23:36:51 PST 2012

On 01/26/2012 11:17 PM, Norbert Thiebaud wrote:
> as for the dmake side of thing (solenv/inc/sol*4.mk)
> something like
> .IF "$(COM)$(OS)$(CPU)" == "GCCSOLARISX" (for intel x86_64 ) or
> GCCSOLARISI for x86, etc...
> .INCLUDE : uxnsolg[x|i|..].mk
> and create such a file based on similar unxix build... look into bsd
> and linux ones for template...
> or even the existing solaris one.. and scrub out stuff that are
> SunStudio related...

But when you look at the start of solenv/inc/unx.mk, specific unx*.mk 
for Solaris/GCC are already there (unxsogs.mk for Solaris/GCC/SPARC and 
unxsogi.mk for Solaris/GCC/x86) and already should be called.  To me, 
Gary's build log looks like the wrong unxsoli4.mk 
(Solaris/SunStudio/x86) gets used.

On libreoffice-3-5 branch, all the relevant variables used in the 
conditionals in solenv/inc/unx.mk to branch to a specific unx*.mk (i.e., 
the variables OS,CPU, COMEX, COM) should be defined in Env.Host.sh.  I 
suspect that COMEX has an odd value.

And indeed, in configure.in it looks like COMEX is nowadays only set on 
Windows, left empty on all other platforms (that was probably different 
in the past, and somebody cleaned up too aggressively).  So, all the 
Solaris checks in solenv/inc/unx.mk should probably be rewritten to use 
COM instead of COMEX.  For GCC, COM=GCC (see set_soenv.in), and for Sun 
Studio COM probably used to be something like CC or CC5, but apparently 
has also already been scrubbed from set_soenv.in.  So that you might 
just as well also remove the branches for unxsol?4.mk from 


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