[Libreoffice] Missing cliureversion.mk prevents installation while building smoketestoo_native

Kyle Kurtenbach kurtenbk at beloit.edu
Sun Jan 29 19:54:18 PST 2012

I was compiling libreoffice to fix some bugs and my build stops because of
an error in smoketestoo_native.

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 x64.

The build stops because Include file cliureversion.mk is not found.

This error occurs on line 120 of $loroot/solenv/bin/ooinstall when that
script calls {SOLARENV}/bin/make_installer.pl

makeinstaller.pl dies
calling installer::worker::add_variables_from_inc_to_hashref($allvariableshashref,

This occurs on Master and the 3.5 release branch.

Any advice on how to move forward would be greatly appreciated.

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