[Libreoffice] PDF converter cross compilation general questions

Andrzej.Pacanowski at tieto.com Andrzej.Pacanowski at tieto.com
Mon Jan 30 03:31:09 PST 2012

> 	Of course, the cross-compilation work is going rather well; we're
> managing to get most of the startup phase complete on Android/ARM now,
> and even a little (busted) rendering going. I'm interested in why you'd
> want to render to PDF on ARM though ... can you tell more ?

Thanks for information.
We need to display documents on custom display (no X11) arm linux. Easiest way is to utilize existing PDF reader and just convert them with LO. Am I wrong?
Also lately I found that we might use VCL as entry point and override necessary stuff to make our display accessible to app. But as I said we need only to display - not edit.

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