[Libreoffice] [PATCH] CSC, SEC, CSCH & SECH Help missing, How to add one? ref: bug fdo#44792

Olivier Hallot olivier.hallot at documentfoundation.org
Mon Jan 30 06:12:15 PST 2012

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Please find the patch attached.

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Em 30-01-2012 05:56, Jan Holesovsky escreveu:
> Hi Olivier,
> Olivier Hallot píše v Pá 27. 01. 2012 v 12:14 -0200:
>> How can I write a help file to fix
>> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44792
>> (help for new math function CSC, CSCH, SEC, SECH..)
>> I can write it easily, but I need a tool to generate the xml for the
>> help file.
> The best is to edit it just with a plain text editor, like vim or emacs
> (or your favorite tool), so that you avoid the xml editor messing with
> the rest of the file.  Of course, maybe there are good xml editors out
> there that do not modify the part of the file you don't touch, but I
> don't have any experience with any myself.
>> My plan is to add the help in the file
>> /help/helpcontent2/source/text/scalc/01/04060106.xhp
>> where other mathematical functions are described (SIN, COS, etc...)
> Sounds like a good place to edit; I'd just copy & paste eg. the SIN
> description, and modify it for CSC etc.
> The paragraph id's should be distinct in at least the file, and you
> probably also want to test the hid/SC_HID_FUNC_* where it is used (as
> the help identifier for the other functions), and if it works for your
> new entries.
> There might be other catches I don't see without actually trying that,
> hopefully not ;-)  But if they are, please share them with the list.
> Thanks for looking into this!
> Regards,
> Kendy

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