[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Making default tab prefix name configurable in Calc

Eike Rathke erack at redhat.com
Tue Jan 31 12:35:28 PST 2012

Hi Albert,

On Tuesday, 2012-01-31 19:35:54 +0100, Albert Thuswaldner wrote:

> > However something I noticed is that there are still some problems with
> > entering the 'Prefix name" in the options, firstly the input box seems to be
> > overwritten by the label ( part of the input/edit field for the prefix is
> > missing until you type )
> Hmm, strange, I haven't notice that myself.

Just to say that I see the same here, seems the fixed text partly
overwrites the edit box, it's just a few pixels, probably an error in
calculating size of fixed text and position of edit box in the resource

> > Additionally you still can get the prefix name to
> > be blank ( or at least I managed to do that ) by attempting to change the
> > name by delete, when all the name is deleted you get a message saying the
> > sheet prefix is illegal ( actually I find that behaviour annoying e.g. I
> > would prefer/expect the error after I press ok ) And if fact with the blank
> > ( from the error scenario above ) you can press ok and now the default
> > prefix is blank :-)
> For me allowing a blank prefix is a feature and not a bug! If someone
> wants to have his/her default worksheets named with only numbers (1,
> 2, 3...) who are we to deny him/her of that? Unless there is some
> technical reason against that I have overlooked of course.

No, there isn't, a number only is fine and is often used with year
numbers. The user will have to bear with the consequences that the sheet
name will be enclosed in single quotes when formulas are displayed ;-)


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