found nearly perfect tinderbox build - but still errors due to missing files

David Tardon dtardon at
Mon Jul 2 07:52:54 PDT 2012


On Mon, Jul 02, 2012 at 11:57:08AM +0200, Philipp Riemer wrote:
> (1) I realized that at least 3 errors are hopefully easily fixable
> (see e.g. <>):
> 38613         [ build XCS ]
> reportbuilder/registry/schema/org/openoffice/Office/UI/DbReportWindowState.xcs
> 38614 NEXT    warning: failed to load external entity
> "/builds/tinderbox/libo-master/reportbuilder/registry/schema//org/openoffice/Office/UI/WindowState.xcs"
> 38615         [ build XCU ]
> sun-report-builder/en-US/org/openoffice/Office/UI/DbReportWindowState.xcu
> 38616         [ build XCU ]
> reportbuilder/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI/ReportCommands.xcu
> 38617         [ build XCS ]
> reportbuilder/registry/schema/org/openoffice/Office/UI/ReportCommands.xcs
> 38618 NEXT    warning: failed to load external entity
> "/builds/tinderbox/libo-master/reportbuilder/registry/schema//org/openoffice/Office/UI/Commands.xcs"
> 38619 NEXT    warning: failed to load external entity
> "/builds/tinderbox/libo-master/reportbuilder/registry/schema//org/openoffice/Office/UI/Commands.xcs"
> When checking the directory with Git (I am not yet very skilled in
> this program) it seems that commit
> 9544c14f4a931d8d8b2e66a6cb87fb53d4505cd4 created the folder
> "reportbuilder/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI/" with
> "DbReportWindowState.xcs", "ReportCommands.xcs", and "". In
> total Git shows 4 changes for the whole folder but none of them
> contained the two missing files (Commands.xcs or WindowState.xcs). But
> I did find the files in
> "reportbuilder/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI/". So it seems
> as if the search path is somewhere mis-configured.

No. The XSLT template tries to load the schema from two locations: local
schema dir and $(OUTDIR)/registry/schema . While the "failed to load
external entity" warning means that the former one does not exist (as
you correctly discovered), it does not mean it is a bug. It is really a
limitation of XSLT, that only allows to load a file, not to test for the
existence of a file. (To be honest, this also means that we are probably
misusing XSLT for something it was not meant for, but that is nothing
new, is it?) Cf. officecfg/util/schema_val.xsl line 129. The template
itself is called from solenv/gbuild/ .


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