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Joel Madero at
Tue Jul 3 11:09:50 PDT 2012

Hi All,

This seems to be one of the most consistent complaints from users as I'm
going through the bug list. The issue is three fold (or more).

1. Defaults "hijack" everything -- vs. defaulting to allow users to select

2. No check to see if Microsoft Office is installed and thus some prompt to
see if we want to "replace" it

3. Changing defaults once installed very difficult (or not possible?).

4. Other file associations outside of Microsoft are also "hijacked" -- see
bug on txt files

Here are just a few of the FDO's that I came across:

Each one deals with the same issue in a different manner -- ie. file
associations and defaults.

I personally like the mock up done in

I have a few questions, I know that one of these bugs is assigned but not
sure about current status.

I have a couple suggestions and wanted feedback:

1. Most annoying bug? I think it qualifies with at least 5 different people
complaining about it with multiple comments on many of them

2. Can I make a bug that takes every complaint into account and then mark
these all as dupes of the one I make?

Thanks all,

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