[PATCH] Re: [Review-3-6?] New artwork for 3.6

Stefan Knorr heinzlesspam at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 12:37:12 PDT 2012

Hi Jean-Baptiste, Thorsten,

> Hi,
> There is no Close button on the new About dialog. Is it intended ?
> I remember that for the previous change in this dialog, we had have the
> same problem. It was fixed later.

Hm, no, that seems like a mishap that happened because my earlier change
to the About dialogue and the menu is not in 3.6. The attached one-line
change should help, although I'd somewhat prefer if we could have the
duplication-removal patch in 3.6, too.
Otherwise, we have both menu items and About dialogue buttons for
License and Credits – while the former each lead to a local document,
the latter lead to an internet resource.


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