Problem with 'ant' detecting running ./

John Smith lbalbalba at
Tue Jul 3 12:39:31 PDT 2012


I seem to be running into some trouble when running ./, in
particular with the ant detection part.

when i run something like 'ant -buildfile conftest.xml' on the
commandline, ant works as expected.
'ant -version' gives me 'version 1.8.3'

but when i run autogen/configure, I get this message :

checking for ant... /bin/ant
checking if /bin/ant works... configure: WARNING: Ant does not work -
Some Java projects will not build!
checking whether Ant is >= 1.6.0... Error: Could not find or load main
./configure: line 34315: test: : integer expression expected
./configure: line 34318: test: : integer expression expected
configure: error: no, you need at least Ant >= 1.6.0
Error running configure at ./ line 187.

i cant figure out whats going wrong here ?

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