Removal of throbber.src

Thomas Arnhold thomas at
Wed Jul 4 03:23:02 PDT 2012

Hello Stefan, Michael,

yes a throbber is used in the extension manager.


I've attached a list of all spinner files in the source tree (find . 
-name spinner*).

spinner03-grey-... is referenced in xthrobber.src 
(toolkit/source/awt/xthrobber.src). And xtrobber.src appears in and src.lst.

Those spinner files in throbber.src (spinner-*) only exist for the 
galaxy theme. This is curious.
For example: ./icon-themes/galaxy/shared/spinner-16-01.png
Implies the path shared that these files are shared over all icon 
themes? But there are no more files than the spinner files in this 
directory. And this would also imply, that the galaxy theme is a 
requirement for all installations.

But there is another problem: throbber.src is not in nor src.lst - so unknown and unused. Despite the 
fact, that SpinningProgressControlModel uses 
Throbber::getDefaultImageURLs where those spinner files are used.

As said before: There is no difference for me with and without 
throbber.src in the I've did the build from clean now. And 
also looked at the binary libo 3.5.4 from the website (Linux). There are 
only spinner03-grey_* (files from xthrobber.src) in the zips. Like this:


No other ones.

So is this a bug or is are those spinner-* from throbber.src obsolete? 
This would also mean, that Throbber::getDefaultImageURLs is obsolete and 
so on.


On Tue, 03 Jul 2012 19:26:35 +0200, Stefan Knorr wrote:
> Hello Thomas, Michael,
> AFAIK, LibO uses a throbber in its extension manager, e.g. when 
> looking
> for extension updates. I believe the application update checker also
> uses a throbber.
> I can't really say if that's the one you are trying to remove (I 
> think
> there were multiple throbber directories)... but, as Michael says,
> tends to become stale on subsequent builds.
> Stefan.
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