REVIEW[3.6] was vcl checkbox behaviourRe: vcl checkbox behaviour

Noel Power nopower at
Fri Jul 6 06:41:42 PDT 2012

On 28/06/12 19:02, Jan Holesovsky wrote:
> Hi Noel,
> Noel Power píše v Čt 28. 06. 2012 v 13:36 +0100:
> Actually the "for quite a while" spans to 
> 8ab086b6cc054501bfbf7ef6fa509c393691e860, the inital import of 
> button.cxx to CVS :-( - it has been imported in 2000 with this already 
> in place. Looking deeper, I thought that the 'alignment of checkboxes 
> without text' behavior might make sense for the dialogs like Tools -> 
> Options -> Load/Save -> Microsoft Office and alike, where you'd want 
> to center the checkbox; but it seems to me that it is actually 
> SvLBoxButton that is used there, not CheckBox. So - can you in any way 
> check if we are actually using this CheckBox feature anywhere in the 
> UI? [Ie. if we construct a CheckBox without text, but with WB_CENTER 
> or WB_RIGHT?] If we do not use it, I'd get rid of that [even in UNO 
> controls and everywhere], as you proposed. Regards, Kendy 

I dug deeper, in the end I could only find CheckBoxControl 
which has a member pBox which is a TriStateBox ( which inherits from 
CheckBox ) that has no label and is aligned with WB_CENTER, This class 
is used quite abit in dbaccess and also in one place in sw ( and indeed 
depends on the behaviour mentioned )

For the moment I changed both radiobutton and checkbox as described, I 
introduced a new virtual to allow a subclass to modify the behaviour ( I 
already did that in CheckBoxControl ) I did this for both radiobutton 
and checkbox even though I didn't see any instances of RadioButton that 
use this functionality.

I think the only was to see if I missed something is to commit the 
changes ( which I did to master ) However I think there is a better 
chance of 3.6 highlighting some missed usecase, with that in mind I ask 
for a review here. ( note I am away for the next two weeks so if someone 
would approve this I would ask they commit it too :-) )

the changes in question are :

going forward I want to change both of these controls to accept some new 
parameter that would allow the position/alignment of the image within 
its bounding area  separate from WB_LEFT, WB_RIGHT & WB_CENTER which now 
only apply to the label ( if it exists )


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