Bogus call to OUString::matchAsciiL in /framework/source/lomenubar/MenuItemStatusListener.cxx ?

Christophe JAILLET christophe.jaillet at
Sun Jul 8 05:37:49 PDT 2012


While looking for usage of OUString::matchAsciiL in the base code, I 
came across the following which seems odd.

At line 60 of /framework/source/lomenubar/MenuItemStatusListener.cxx, we 
can find :
     if ((Event.State >>= oULabel) &&
         !oULabel.matchAsciiL ("private:", 8, 0) &&
         !oULabel.matchAsciiL (".uno:", 5, 0)    &&
         !oULabel.matchAsciiL ("slot:", 5, 0)    &&
         !oULabel.matchAsciiL ("service:", 8, 0) &&
         !oULabel.matchAsciiL (".cmd:", 5, 0)    &&
         !oULabel.matchAsciiL ("macro:///", 5, 0))

The 2nd parameter of matchAsciiL is the length of the ASCII string we 
are trying to match.
All the calls provide the correct length of the string, EXCEPT the last one.

Q1)  Why "macro:///" and 5 ? Shouldn't it be 9 ???

Q2)  In other places, matchAscii is used in conjunction of 
RTL_CONSTASCII_STRINGPARAM. This way, the length of the string is 
computed by the compiler.

Is it the preferred way to do, in order to avoid hard coded constant ?
If yes, I can provide a patch.

Best regards,
Christophe JAILLET

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