Proposal/Prototype support for "fill in character" in Calc Number Format Strings

Kohei Yoshida KYoshida at
Fri Jul 6 10:10:49 PDT 2012

Hi Johann,

I hope you don't mind me forwarding this nice work of yours to our main development mailing list, to let other interested developers know of your work.  Let me also CC Noel since he's done a very similar work for 3.6.  There may be some overlap between his work and yours...

Anyways. We're very glad to see that you took interest in hacking LibreOffice/OpenOffice.  Let us know if you are interested in making other improvements in the future!



>>> Johann Messner <johann.messner at> 07/06/12 8:44 AM >>>
Dear Mr. Yoshida,

some weeks ago I implemented fill-in character support in 
LibreOffice 3.5.3 on my Ubuntu 12.04 (i686) box. Now I would
like to announce this to the people taking care of the 
LibreOffice development.

I saw in the 

your signature, which reads:

   Kohei Yoshida, LibreOffice hacker, Calc
   <kyoshida at>

Well, perhaps the enclosed "code piece" is of interest for you
being "LibreOffice hacker, Calc" ;-)

Initially there was a feature request, or let's name it a
call for help: How to specify a "fill-in character" in Calc's
NumberFormat definitions?

Please see

And in comment 15: 
I proposed a solution (actually it is more a hack than a solution)

Please have a look at it and hopefully we will see fill-in character
support in a future release of LO ;-)

Please continue with your good work on improving Calc!

best regards,
hans messner

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