[Patch] Removed repeated calls in for loops in swnewtable.cxx

Matteo Casalin matteo.casalin at gmx.com
Mon Jul 9 05:47:38 PDT 2012

Hi all,
    just a minor hint from my side: in the original code nBox was 
incremented only when "pBox == rBoxes[nBox]", while in the new one it 
happens unconditionally. I don't know if this could be an issue or 
To preserve the original behaviour a single conditional

    if ( nBox < nBoxCnt && pBox == rBoxes[nBox] ) {

could be used.


Jesso Murugan <developer.jesso at gmail.com> wrote:
(09/07/2012 13:33)

> Hi,
> There were some repeated calls in two for loops in
> ExpandColumnSelection function in swnewtable.cxx
> so I combined the two loops so that the same calls
> need not be made again.
> I debugged and tested after making the changes,
> everything works as expected.
> - Jesso Clarence

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