[PATCH (partial)] Writer autocompletion feature

Nico Weyand nico.weyand at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 14:46:24 PDT 2012

as you're probably very busy, I'll keep this mail short.

Originally, I wanted to submit a patch to improve the writer 
autocompletion feature. However I won't have the time to finish it for 
the next two or three months, so I thought I'd submit what has already 
been finished in case anyone is interested on doing any work on the feature.

The archive attached contains the files required for replacing the 
current list used to store autocompletion words by a much faster tree 
structure. It also allows for storing the word probability so that for a 
given word prefix, if will return the autocompletion with the highest 

Everything important that one is required to know when working with this 
piece of code should be obvious from the extensive comments.

Note that I have included a main.cpp including tests to demonstrate the 
structure is (probably) error-free. Note too that the code still uses 
the std::string I have been using while developing it (the plan was to 
replace it at a later time with the string type used within libreoffice).

Nico Weyand

PS.: I do release this code under GPL 3+  --  as long as this doesn't 
mean my email address is posted in a public location :D
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