[Libreoffice] [GSoC 2012][svg export filter] Weekly Report #7

Marco Cecchetti mrcekets at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 12:13:29 PDT 2012

On Tue, 10 Jul 2012 01:58:29 +0200, Thorsten Behrens  
<thb at documentfoundation.org> wrote:

> Marco Cecchetti wrote:
>> This week I provided full support for skipping both a single
>> effect (Right/Down key) and all left effects (Page Down key).
>> Symmetrically, I provided full support for rewinding both a
>> single effect, including going to the previous slide (Left/Up key),
>> and all already played effects (Page Up key). Tests on several
>> browsers have been performed. Moreover I have fixed some bug this
>> week
> Hi Marco,
> impressive work again - would you consider some fixes on the c++
> part safe for 3.6 incidentally?

Hi Thorsten,

I suppose that above all you think of repeated animations. Well,
the best thing would be having them tested more extensively,
anyway surely this feature doesn't work worst than before.

> The fix in effects.xml is especially nice, though comes with a
> catch: it may well need swapping direction in at least the binary
> powerpoint import (maybe also in oox) - poke me for some test files
> or bounce this back to me.

Ah, I wasn't aware of that. Indeed if you agree, I prefer to file a
bug/make an easy hack rather than fixing it by myself.

> Wrt. to the bug in the c++ engine you've found on day 31 - can you
> file those as fdo bugs right away, with a minimal sample doc? Some
> of those may even be easy hacks. ;)

Well, I guess you are talking about the fact that when we try to skip
an effect with the "hide after animation" option, the C++ presentation
engine doesn't apply the final hiding action.
I'll create a fdo bug pointing out this problem.

> And again, would love to see working functionality end up in master,
> so people pulling nightly builds can enjoy your improvements!

At present I'm working on adding some kind of support for skipping /
rewinding interactive animation sequences. I hope to achieve a stable
implementation. However as soon as possible I'll merge last changes
to master branch.

-- Marco

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