Gerrit: bug db integration

David Ostrovsky david.ostrovsky at
Wed Jul 11 14:19:35 PDT 2012


just for the record: we turned on gerrit's bug-db-integration machinery, 
i. e.

Our thanks go to Cedric for pointing that out and to Robert for 
configuring this.

All our 5 bug dbs are currently supported. To see which pattern binds to 
which db
i append the rules here.

Note 1: launchpad is currently missing in bin/lo-commit-stat
may be a good candidat for an easy hack?

Note 2: because of usage of non standard but really quickly regex engine
( gerrit doesn't support case insensitive
regular expressions. That why we are doing this that (ugly) way:

[commentlink "freedesktop"]
         match = 
         link =$2

[commentlink "redhat"]
         match = "(rhbz|RHBZ)\\s*:?\\s*#?(\\d+)"
         link =$2

[commentlink "novell"]
         match = "(bnc|BNC|n|N)\\s*:?\\s*#?(\\d+)"
         link =$2

[commentlink "apache"]
         match = "(ISSUE|issue|Issue|i|I)\\s*:?\\s*#?(\\d+)"
         link =$2

[commentlink "launchpad"]
         match = "(lp|LP)\\s*:?\\s*#?(\\d+)"
         link =$2


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