[HELP] fdo#47707 PRINTING: Printing windows wrong color indication

Rob Snelders programming at ertai.nl
Wed Jul 11 14:26:20 PDT 2012


I have searched for the problem of fdo#47707. And I think I found it, 
but I have some questions.
I have attached a diff. When I know I have the correct solution I'll 
submit it to gerrit.

docshel4.cxx -> getPrinter-function: I don't know why this exists. It is 
called when you insert a picture in impress. I don't know if ever 
another drawmode is used then the default drawmode in that function. But 
I think the change will also need to happen there, although I'm not sure.

The Black&White-option would be useful in my opinion when it prints 
pictures but no the background. But I can't turn on the one without the 
other (both are set with the DRAWMODE_WHITEBITMAP-define). So I think 
then all pictures should be turned off otherwise it hardly is different 
from grayscale.

Rob Snelders
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