libmspub update, running out of virtual memory

Rafael Dominguez venccsralph at
Thu Jul 12 16:41:23 PDT 2012

After the update to libmspub-0.0.1 a day ago, my gcc terminates with
the error "running out of virtual memory" when compiling the
PolygonUtils.cpp file (i got 4GB ram),
im using gcc 4.4.5 in Gentoo Linux. My build parameters are

--enable-python=system --disable-epm --with-system-boost
--enable-crashdump --with-system-zlib --with-system-stdlibs
--with-system-openssl --with-system-db --with-system-curl
--with-system-cppunit --without-ppds --with-system-cairo
--with-junit=/home/ralph/Proyectos/junit-4.10.jar --enable-symbols

Could it be possible because the file is too big???

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