[Libreoffice] Windows ; small program that inject dll in LibreOffice Quickstarter in order to improve component start time

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Sat Jul 14 02:25:35 PDT 2012

> maybe the best approach
> would be to package those lists for windows as well and get the systray
> (sfx2/source/appl/shutdowniconw32.cxx I think) to load them directly,
> rather than having an external app that forces it to do it ?

Definitely. Having a separate executable that "injects" dlls into the
soffice.bin process sounds like madness to me; basically a silly
solution caused by not bothering to find out how to get the same
effect in a clean way.

As for the whole "QuickStarter" concept, I repeat what I always say:
It should die.


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