Impress test is now working in master

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at
Sun Jul 15 01:24:58 PDT 2012


I recently merged Artur's feature branch into master and was prepared
to deal with all the differences between different systems when it
come to rendering shapes. Luckily and unexpected this did not occure
so we I think we can suppose we can now use the new sd regression-test
with more documents to prevent regressions in impress import and
impress rendering. Adding a new test case is quite easy: Generate a
test document, add it to the regression test, generate the reference
xml files and let the test compare the dump and the reference file.
The test will check for a lot of properties of shape objects and can
be easily extended by extending the dumper code in

Artur already created a nice test document that you can find at


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