[Libreoffice] [GSoC 2012][svg export filter] Weekly Report #8

Marco Cecchetti mrcekets at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 09:20:58 PDT 2012

Hi everybody,
I'm really happy to going on working on my project for the
second half of GSoC! Thanks to the whole LibreOffice community
for your support! :)

It follows my weekly report:

Report #8
This week I added support for skipping and rewinding effects
that belong to interactive animation sequences, that is those
effects started by clicking on a given shape. That required a
rework of some parts composing the skip/rewind feature
implementation. After several tries I succeeded in finding a
good solution. When a skip action is requested by the user all
playing effects are skipped, both the ones belonging to the main
animation sequence and the ones belonging to any interactive
animation sequence. In case no effect is playing, the next effect,
if any, belonging to the main animation sequence is skipped.
When a rewind action is requested by the user, any playing or
ended effect started later the oldest playing effect is rewinded,
if there is no playing effect, the last started (not ended!)
effect, indifferently from the animation sequence it belongs to,
is rewinded.

I also implemented a little nice feature: miming the behavior of
the C++ presentation player now when the mouse pointer is over
an event-source shape, through which the user can start an
interactive animation, the cursor appearance is changed to a hand.

Filed a new bug report (fdo#52120) for pointing out that in
the C++ implementation skipping an effect does not work as
expected when the hide after animation option is selected.
Merged the feature/svg-export branch to the master branch.
Now the skip/rewind effect support is available in the master
branch directly, the same is true for interactive effects.

You can read more details on my project log book (week 8):

You can download a sample presentation here:
In order to download the zip files click on the Download item
under the File menu.

You can look at the source code in the feature branch:
feature/svg-export, that includes all new commits after the last
master branch merging.

-- Marco

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