Feature comparison: LibreOffice - Microsoft Office in the Wiki

Gerry T. gerry.treppel at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 15 11:03:40 PDT 2012

Dear Philipp,

> [...] Thank you for your work so far! Pretty impressive! Might also 
> help the marketing guys a lot for their next big advertisement campain 
> (LO4?). Coming from academia, most of the texts are too long for me to 
> read ;-) Would it be possible to make a TL;DR version? Maybe a table 
> with LO on the left and MSO on the right and green background for a 
> column where A outperforms B? Next weekend I have some spare time 
> again and could help with that/ provide a draft if you like. Philipp 
This is a very good idea. Not many people read lengthy bullet point 
lists. My graphical skills are limited, though, so the provision of a 
draft sounds perfect. I assume that you want to limit the focus of a 
table on the major features (or even a selection out of it) or do you 
plan to cover all major and minor features in such a table?

Best greetings,

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