problems with drawing an Edit

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at
Sun Jul 15 23:35:48 PDT 2012


I'm currently struggling a bit with the vcl drawing code for an Edit.
My problem is that as soon as I see the background color of the edit
it is no drawn quite ugly because the border is drawn first and then
the background color is drawn. The problem is in line
vcl/source/control/edit.cxx:544 which should clear the control but
also draws the border and 559 which uses a different size for the edit

Does anyone have a clue if this is really the right way. Personally I
would suspect that the border should be drawn after the background
color and that the border and the rectangle for the background color
should have the same size.

Attached is a small screenshot that shows the problems with the current code.

Any ideas if my ideas is wrong?

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