skype for office and interface chat for libreoffice

Randolph D. rdohm321 at
Tue Jul 17 11:15:20 PDT 2012

telepathy is a great framework, three years ago six students applied
for GSOC to put the interface chat protocol into d-bus and/or pidgin.
they were not selected, as the big financiers have no interest in
serverless protocols.
if libreoffice is free or openoffice needs some alternative to the
standards, choose THE standard in serverless messaging.
this is the mentioned app. So no, I have no skills to code the
protocol into d-bus, I just can tell you that the offered package of a
browser and serverless messanger is a quite nice app to add to the
libreoffice suite. So my input was about tickering over text chat and
not remote writing into cells of calc.
thunderbird got outsourced and the main big task users wanted was:
integrate instandbird, to have messaging next to email. they let pass
the chance and now even thunderbird has stopped development.
Lotus Email has Sametime Messaging. MS Office has Skype Messaging. and
Open Office and /or Libre Office should add  -
as it is serverless and maintenance free messaging. -  a Qt c++ tab
plugin in any Qt frame, currently in the security browser dooble web
browser. Something a office suite should add as well.

2012/7/17 Michael Stahl <mstahl at>:
> On 17/07/12 19:50, Randolph D. wrote:
>> Hi there
>> as MS Office will have in 6 months an Instant Messenger (Skype)
>> integrated in the office suite, I suggest that Libreoffice adds an
>> Instant Messenger and Browser too:
> hello Randolph,
> there is currently an ongoing project to add support for collaborative
> editing with Telepathy to Calc, with a GSoC student working on it; if
> you are interested in working on this area, perhaps you want to join forces?
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