[GSOC-UPDATE] 18.07 Impress remote

Andrzej J. R. Hunt andrzej at ahunt.org
Wed Jul 18 13:12:28 PDT 2012

Hi all,

Today I:
- fixed the Listener lifecycle.
- fixed the Transmitter lifecycle.

It turns out that I mistakenly though my code from yesterday worked, it 
turned out to be one part worked, and I failed to test the rest.

I.e. I'm still having a problem with using the Transmitter from a 
different thread -- I'm not entirely sure where the problem lies yet, 
and am still in the middle of debugging. Specifically I was usually 
getting a segfault the second time I push a string onto a queue (from a 
separate call to the same method of the class containing the queue) -- 
it seems that the data I push onto the queue is corrupting, since when I 
try to access it after exiting the method in which it was added to the 
queue, garbage is returned (the segfault has stopped for some reason, 
but I still have garbage returned). The Condition in the same object 
also doesn't work as expected -- I assume this is related. As far as I 
can tell something is going wrong when accessing the memory used by 
Transmitter from a different thread.


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