gerrit via email

Terrence Enger tenger at
Thu Jul 19 04:51:58 PDT 2012

Not being registered with gerrit (because I lack OpenId), I recently
to submit a patch via email.

Despite checking the open patches on gerrit occasionally thereafter, I
never caught it showing my patch.  Lionel Elie Mamane has already
applied the patch, but he may have worked from my email rather than

So, I wonder ...

(*) Is it the case that the patch went through gerrit as intended, and
    I just failed to notice?

(*) Should I have put the patch in the body of the email rather than
    an attachment?  Bjoern Michaelsen's instructions in
    do not specify.

(*) Did I do something else wrong?

(*) Is my situation common enough to be worth mentioning in
    (I do not want to make that change myself until I have had success
    at least once.)

Thank you for your attention.

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