Adding bibisect repository support to tinbuild2

Norbert Thiebaud nthiebaud at
Fri Jul 20 10:04:23 PDT 2012

On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 11:30 AM, Robinson Tryon
<bishop.robinson at> wrote:
> Now that I've done some testing here, I realize that we need some way
> to turn off the push-nightlies step while still enabling the creation
> of the bibisect repositories. For example, I don't want to bother with
> pushing nightlies, especially when I'm testing my commits locally. To
> fix I've reordered the day-checking guts of do_push() so that we do
> our nightly check first, then call do_bibisect_push(), then (if
> pushing nightlies is enabled), call Both parts are
> included in the same tinbuild "phase," but can be enabled
> independently.

Yep, Sound good.

>>> I think that all of the git and file operations should run on most
>>> *nix systems, including OSX. There might be a couple of tweaks to make
>> ...
>> But I'm not so much concerned about the git-foo part of the script but
>> rather with what is put in bi-bisect.
>> make dev-install does not work on all platform and you do not have a
>> */opt/* to 'add' .
> Based on the discussion in this thread it sounds like we're pretty
> close with an opt/ directory and make dev-install, but we might need
> an unpack step for at least OS/Darwin (and maybe for Windows?). To
> address these issues (and per suggestion), I've moved the code that
> handles finding the opt/ directory, make-install, copying, etc.. into
> where we can further override it in
> platform-specific files such as
> On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 5:11 AM, Norbert Thiebaud <nthiebaud at> wrote:
>> BTW on mac I though that 'mounting' the dmg and then copying the
>> content it over the 'artefact' git should do the trick...
>> due to a poor upload bandwidth, I did not bother with it so far since
>> I cannot afford to operate such bibisect construction on my box (well
>> that is If I want to make it available to others)
> The script is set up to create two local repos:
> 'bibisect-repository' and 'fake-remote'. All of the git operations,
> even the so-called "remote" operations, happen locally on your box, so
> it's perfect for fast testing (or when you don't have much/any upload
> bandwidth! :-)

oh! yeah for testing purpose that is fine.. but for production work I
cold not afford it.

> Norbert -- if you have a OSX buildbot available and can help figure
> out the darwin-specific pieces, that would be very helpful. I hope
> that all we'll have to do is make a darwin version of
> copy_build_into_bibisect_repository(). I've just stubbed-in a basic
> version, but I really need a mac to test it on -- see the patches for
> details, and let me know what works and what needs fixing :-)

Yeah, I think I probably can get away with a small function that mount
the dmg, copy the content in the 'artefact' repo and unmount...

I'll give it a shoot this WE.


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