No Win builds?

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at
Sat Jul 21 23:21:39 PDT 2012

Hi all,

currently we again have the problem that we get no current WIN Master 
builds on the Tinderbox Server.

I see some successful builds (?) on 
<>, especially 
Win-x86_6, but there is no build for download on 

On <> I see:
- @16-minimal_build: only has textfiles
   latest build:  2012-07-11_08.24.19
- @20-With-Symbol:
   latest build:  2012-07-15_01.33.34
- @6-fast:  only has textfiles
   latest build:  before 2012-07-16_15.35.37
- @6: only has textfiles
   latest build: before 2012-07-19_13.12.38
   On <>
   I only see 1 Tinderbx @6?
- @7-MinGW/master: empty
   latest build: ?
- @15-Prague_Win32: empty
   latest build: ?
- _9-Voreppe /libreoffice-3-6: contributes 3.6 builds
   Filename is difficult to classify
   What is the difference to @9?

It would be very useful for me to have a feed or similar with 
information concerning latest available WIN builds. Is there any 

Best Regards


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