Changing sort order of language list box

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Hi Arno,

On Monday, 2012-07-23 18:16:44 -0500, Arno Teigseth wrote:

> Figured out how to break my LO's language list box, so that it would
> only show languages with installed checkers:

cool :)

> But, what I'm after is sorting the listbox by
> 1) Languages with Installed checkers then
> 2) Languages without
> Now, I can't find where in the listbox control source the actual
> sorting takes place? Any hints?

The listbox control does that, it's enabled in
svx/source/dialog/langbox.cxx SvxLanguageBox::Init() with

    // display entries sorted
    SetStyle( GetStyle() | WB_SORT );

So if you wanted two sections sorted each you'd have to disable that,
obtain all entries - basically what's done in
SvxLanguageBox::SetLanguageList() but without calling InsertLanguage(),
sort the two sections independently and insert the sorted entries in

Note though that the sort is not a mere code point sort, a usual sort
algorithm will fail for several translations and/or mixed alphanumeric
strings, details are in vcl/source/control/ilstbox.cxx
ImplEntryList::InsertEntry() and the NaturalStringSorter there above.


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