[GSoC 2012][Collaboration] unit test story

Eike Rathke erack at redhat.com
Thu Jul 26 02:23:47 PDT 2012

Hi Matúš,

On Thursday, 2012-07-26 11:17:41 +0200, Eike Rathke wrote:

> > I am not sure what for was that.. to be able to run unit test while
> > real LibO is running ?
> Yes, shouldn't be used in any other case.
> > Would we want that ?
> Well, apparently I needed it somehow during that time.. problem is you
> can't register two instances for the same DBus name

There's one reason why to keep this or a similar mechanism: the build
would fail in the unit test when you have a Telepathy enabled office
running. Which in future might be the default case ;-)


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