[PATCH][REJECTED] Broken check for Boost::Date_Time in configure.in

David Tardon dtardon at redhat.com
Thu Jul 26 05:56:39 PDT 2012


On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 09:31:06AM +0200, Francois Tigeot wrote:
> Hi,
> Recent versions of LibreOffice-3.6 (since June) fail to build on some of
> my systems. The error message indicates a problem with Boost::Date_time
>     checking whether the Boost::Date_Time library is available... yes
>     configure: error: Could not find a version of the library!
> It turns out Boost::Date_time is in fact perfectly functional and the
> configure script reports a non-existing error.
> Removing the check is enough to make LibreOffice-3.6 build again (see
> attached patch).
> -- 
> Francois Tigeot

> From 080bbbc053c415d07c4d4ae74e68effb6898024e Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
> From: =?UTF-8?q?Fran=C3=A7ois=20Tigeot?= <ftigeot at wolfpond.org>
> Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 09:13:17 +0200
> Subject: [PATCH] configure: remove broken Boost::Date_Time check
> On some systems, AX_BOOST_DATE_TIME fails to detect the presence of a
> perfectly functional Boost::Date_Time library, preventing LibreOffice
> to build for no reason.
> The Boost autotools macros have been unmaintained since 2009; removing
> the check seems to be the best course of action.

That would mean that the build fails in the middle for "no reason" if
the lib is really missing. Really, checking that all prerequisites of
the build are in place is what configure is for. If the test causes
problems for you, fix it.


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