patches to clean up cppunit warnings (fdo#51154)

Robinson Tryon bishop.robinson at
Thu Jul 26 10:58:09 PDT 2012

Here are a few patches that make cppunit compile warning-free when
configured with "-Weffc++" (and continue to be warning-free with
"-Wall -Wextra -Werror", too!)

The .gitignore patches are pretty straightforward. The other commits
clean up a few odds and ends, order constructor initialization lists
properly, etc. Later commits are to fix warnings revealed by 'make

When gcc complained about classes with pointer data members not
overriding the default copy constructors and assignment operators, I
first added private methods to prevent the use of these methods (being
as conservative as possible); for any class that actually required
working implementations, I added simple methods that implement the
default (shallow-copy, etc.) behavior. I assume that some of these
classes may need more than just stubs for these methods, but I figured
that I'd get some feedback :-)

-- Robinson
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