Build fails 'RuntimeException'

Jean-Tiare LE BIGOT jtlebi at
Sun Jul 29 11:24:47 PDT 2012

Hi !

I'm trying to do some changes in LibreOffice and I can not manage to
build LibreOffice anymore. I get this exception :

terminate called after throwing an instance of

It seems to be caused in "[ build CUT ] sot_test_sot"

I suspect it is related to /testtools/source/bridgetest/cppobj.cxx:306
after running:

S=/home/jean-tiare/dev/libreoffice && O=$S/solver/ &&
W=$S/workdir/ && gdb --args $O/bin/uno -ro
$O/xml/uno_services.rdb -ro $O/bin/udkapi.rdb -ro
$W/UnoApiTarget/bridgetest.rdb -s --

I tried everything including cleaning all, pulling, re-run
and reverting all my changes with a global "git checkout". Any clue
what's wrong ?


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