Static src analysis of LibreOffice

John Smith lbalbalba at
Mon Jul 30 06:42:55 PDT 2012

Ok, so I now scan/build using :

scan-build ./configure --with-system-hsqldb=no --with-system-saxon=no
scan-build make

But I get no reports wjhatsoever, just this :


Entering /usr/local/src/libreoffice/cli_ure/version

/bin/cp version.txt ../
cli_ure deliver
Module 'cli_ure' delivered successfully. 1 files copied, 4 files unchanged

        Oh dear - something failed during the build - sorry !
  For more help with debugging build errors, please see the section in:

  internal build errors:

ERROR: error 65280 occurred while making /usr/local/src/libreoffice/hsqldb

 it seems that the error is inside 'hsqldb', please re-run build
 inside this module to isolate the error and/or test your fix:

build_error.log should contain the captured output of the failed module(s)


PS: I get the same error when not using clang/llvm's scan-build, and
'just' do a regular 'make'


John Smith

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